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We search out the best products to ensure your customer can get the job done.


We are obsessed with complete customer satisfaction.


Our competitive pricing will compete with any manufacturer.


Stock items ship within 24 hours. 'Make' items ship in 3-4 days, not weeks.


Partnered with over 40 manufacturers, we have what you need.

Phoenix Abrasives Mission Statement

PHOENIX ABRASIVES will be obsessed with the commitment of all our resources and efforts to complete customer satisfaction. The terms of that satisfaction will be dictated by our customers and the fulfillment will be embraced by our employees.


We recognize that without our customers there is no PHOENIX ABRASIVES.  They are the lifeblood of this corporation.  To keep our customers satisfied will keep our life blood healthy and will sustain our growth to the benefit of our customers, suppliers, family, and community.


We will aggressively seek out and employ state of the art products and procedures that will give our partner-customers a constantly improving net value. The relentless pursuit of these tasks will secure a profitable future for PHOENIX ABRASIVES and our partner-suppliers.




Phoenix's technical expertise and fullline of industrial abrasive products, along with samples, means you can win those accounts with special abrasive needs, opening the door to sales of your other product lines. This all adds up to more sales!  We help you identify what your customer needs by cross-referencing what they are now using and recommend a better value product.



Phoenix Abrasives
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