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  • 1/8" narrow up to 64" wide

  • Any length

  • 16 Grit all the way to 2000 Grit


Minerals and Types of Belts

  • Aluminum Oxide, Zirconia, Silicon Carbide and Ceramic

  • Surface Conditioning Belts: S-Ultra Fine, A-Very Fine,  A- Medium, A-Coarse

  • Micron Graded Film Belts: Great for finishing

  • Felt Belts: For polishing

  • Scalloped Edge Belts

  • Key-Hole Belts

  • Lubricated Belts

  • Non-Lubricated Belts


Backings and Joints

  • "F" Weight Paper Belts: Heavy paper backing

  • "J" Weight Belts: Very flexible cloth

  • "X" Weight Cloth Belts: Economical

  • "Y" Weight Cloth Belts: Heavier duty backing

  • Cotton Backed Belts for Dry Sanding Conditions

  • Polyester Backed Belts for Wet Sanding

  • S-Lock Joints

  • Butt Joints

  • Zero Tolerance Joints


If a customer is using any belts Phoenix Abrasives should be able to match or exceed the performance while also lowering your cost and extending your margins!


  • Resin Fiber Discs (A/O, Silicon Carbide, Zirconia, Ceramic)

  • Cloth PSA (A/O, Silicon Carbide, Zirconia, Ceramic)

  • Paper (Velcro and PSA Sticky Back)

  • Quick Change (Type Rollon and Type Snapon)

  • Surface Conditioning

  • Surface Prep

  • Clean and Finish


  • Shop Rolls

  • Utility Cloth

  • Resin Cloth (PSA & Non PSA)

  • Gold PSA Sticky-Back Sanding RollsSilicon Carbide Mesh

  • Slashed


Flap Discs
  • A/O, Zirconia, Ceramic, Silicon Carbide, Surface Conditioning

  • Standard, Compact, Trimmable, XL, XXL, Mini

  • Felt/Wood

  • Interleaf/Duplex

  • Unitized

Flap Wheels
  • Mounted (A/O, Zirconia, Interleaf/Duplex)

  • Unmounted

  • Mini


Surface Conditioning
  • Belts (Narrow-Wide)

  • Quick Change Discs

  • Deburring Wheels

  • Stripping Wheels

  • Surface Prep

  • Hand Pads

  • Cotton Fiber

  • Clean and Finish Discs

  • Stars​

  • Silicon Carbide Waterproof

  • Silicon Carbide Stearated

  • Dry Cabinet

  • Fileboard

  • A/O Cloth

  • Emery

  • Crocus

Flap Discs
Surface Conditioning
Flap Wheels
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